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énergie solaire

Solar autarky

safety for all future scenarios

Tomorrow’s electrification with energy efficiency


The electrification of tomorrow is on the move, and solar energy is becoming an essential response to the challenges of our time. Blackouts and energy shortages are regular themes, as are the increase of demand due to urbanisation, the development of IT technologies and of industry. But thanks to solar energy, we have a reliable, sustainable and affordable solution.


Solar panels are getting both more affordable and more efficient, which means that households and businesses can now generate their own electricity from the sun. This reduces dependence on traditional energy suppliers and provides a more stable and predictable source of energy.

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Prices going up? Inflation? It’s no longer a problem for you!


If electricity prices for homes and businesses increase in the near future, you’ll be able to consume your own energy free of charge. Our entirely Swiss made solution, which is managed automatically, allows an average of 85% of electricity consumption to come from the sun on your roof. With storage batteries, solar power can be used even at night. The system is flexible, adapting to all changes in energy requirements.

Go for our solution!


Self-sufficient and made entirely in Switzerland, this high-end system makes it possible to achieve the highest levels of self-sufficiency. We’re teaming up with the market leader in robust installations, with over 35 years’ experience in off-grid areas such as mountain huts. The outstanding performance of these systems, combined with their exceptional 15-year guarantee, gives customers total peace of mind.

We’re smart – and so are you!


The more you consume, the more you save with an autarkic system, which not only supplies your loads but also stores and sells the extra energy.

Join the pioneers of energy change


Whether you own a home, a business or a residential property, find out how to secure your energy supply and manage it in just a few clicks on your smartphone or tablet.

A local partner


Smartsuna is a company that advises on and designs self-sufficient solar installations.


Smartsuna, launched in Valais in 2020, is the Swiss specialist in intelligent autonomous electricity systems. See smartsuna in the media.