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Configuration and start-up

Monitoring and improving the system

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This will be based on historical consumption or, in the case of a new construction, on an estimate. It will tell you about :

  • The autarky rate
  • The core investment
  • The return on investment
  • Subsidies and tax relief
  • Reduction of your ecological footprint.

Feedback on 1 year of solar autarky


The concept of solar self-sufficiency has been very well received by the owners. More than 400 ready-to-operate installations representing a total of 6 MW of power, 10 MWh of storage capacity and a budget of around CHF 30 million. Solar autarky allows 85% energy self-sufficiency, which means independence from energy price fluctuations and a secure energy supply.

Find out how to turn your home into a power plant!

Typical data for a self-sufficient solar installation


Our detailed example of a typical installation provides all the information you need to understand costs, the photovoltaic surface area required, potential savings and much more. Consult our document now to find out more about how a solar self-sufficiency installation can help you save money while preserving the environment.

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You’ll find plenty of answers to your other questions, such as the life of the system and the battery, the size of the installation and explanations of solar self-sufficiency. Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information.