Self-sufficient company

Move towards tomorrow’s power consumption for your business by reducing network consumption and securing your activities

A 5-stage installation

Evaluating your company’s solar potential

Definition of continuity plans for each zone and calculation of loads

Calculating your installation

(including possible subsidies and expected return on investment)

Configuration, installation and start-up of equipment by zone

Monitoring and improving the system

Advantages of

an autarkic company


Security, savings,



Besides the objective of switching to renewable energy, autarky means securing prices and processes.

  • Depending on various factors in your business (consumption, solar potential, storage requirements, production schedules, etc.), the maximum rate of autarky will be targeted.


  • By reducing your dependence to the grid (blackouts, prices, etc.) and producing energy on your roof, you are playing an active role in the electricity supply of the future.


  • By identifying critical processes and preparing a business continuity plan in the event of a blackout, you can secure the different areas of your business (e.g. admin, production, servers, loading, etc.).


  • Your electric vehicles are dynamically recharged as surplus solar energy becomes available. By doing this, you decarbonise your business journeys.


  • You decide how to optimise your production and consumption according to the market and your needs. With your system, you have effective energy management, for production, direct consumption, storage and peak management.

Special subsidies for mountain companies


Until the end of 2024, Swiss Mountain Aid will provide funding for solar installations on businesses in mountain regions. Example of conditions: using energy for the needs of the own company and not being active in the field of public power. The installation can be funded up to 50%.