Property by floors


The ideal approach when starting a new construction, carrying out a general renovation or simply investing in renewable energy.

A solution in 5 steps

Identifying collective and individual needs

Monitoring and calculating the distribution of consumption

Analysis of state of technology

(heating, domestic hot water, etc.)

Concept of the autarkic solar system

(solar, battery, storage, purchase/sale to the grid, etc.)

System installation and start-up

The benefits

of this solution


This solution allows several owners to share the energy produced on their roof. A photovoltaic system, an intelligent system and a battery bank will be installed in the buildings.

Request an offer for your residential estate. This will be based on historical consumption or, in the case of a new construction, on an estimate. It will tell you about :

  • The autarky rate
  • The core investment
  • The return on investment
  • Subsidies and tax relief
  • Reduction of your ecological footprint.

A win-win solution


The residential estate, owner of autarkic installations, can resell its energy for self-consumption. Its cost can be billed directly by owners to their renters at a rate of up to 80% of the cost of the standard distributor. Renters benefit from a reduction of up to 20% on the costs of consuming renewable power. (Energy Ordinance, Art.16)